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                                     WHAT IS RestorFx REFINISHING AUTO SYSTEM ?

In just a few hours Refinishing Auto System changes the aesthetic appearance of a vehicle so dramatically… It's often referred to as speechless. Refinishing Auto System technology  Replace And change the Buffing Polish And Compound by saving time, getting better results and having a longer-lasting pristine finish.


RestorFx is a long-term fix and does not wash off.

Placing a sheen over an existing scratch or temporarily covering swirls and blemishes with waxes and sealants does little to address the underlying problem and literally comes off in the wash. In contrast, RestorFx is a 2-Part chemical treatment that bonds to the existing clear coat. This means that RestorFx does not peel, flake, wash off, or react with ordinary chemicals. In fact, we believe in the properties of this product so much, that we guarantee that these phenomena will not happen. Instead of being temporary, RestorFx  results in a hard, firm, protective, and permanent layer that is just as effective as today’s modern paint finishes.



The RestorFx is a solution, not a mask.

effectively removes scratches, scuffs, swirls, fading, oxidation, road-rash and other blemishes. Most detailing methods attempt to “cut” an existing clear coat so that scratches and blemishes are eliminated. This method literally subtracts from the depth of the existing finish, resulting in a shallower, duller look while eliminating the protective and much needed clear coat. However, RestorFx literally restores the damaged clear coat by chemically treating, leveling, and filling in the damaged area. Thus, instead of lowering the clear coat to the lowest common denominator, RestorFx raises the entire quality of the vehicle.



The RestorFx is a solution, not a mask.

Is not a wax, polish, sealant, or fancy

“coating”, but treatment which cures

evenly and consistently. In contrast with traditional cut-and-polish, and in less time, this product actually fixes blemishes and restores a vehicle. This product is adaptable, consistent, and revolutionary. RestorFx treats the underlying cause by restoring the integrity of the vehicle. This is a one-of-a-kind product which is not available anywhere else. The bottom line is: This product fixes. Permanently.




With RestorFx Refinishing Auto System

99% of clear coat scratches, paint deterioration and imperfections are brilliantly repaired, redone, and restored. The dull, faded look of a car that spent many hours on the open road under the sun is reunited with its old full luster and a profoundly deep gloss. In addition to this beautiful appearance, RestorFx protects a vehicle against further fading, road salt, oxidation, scratches, and much more. Furthermore, RestorFx is environmentally friendly. RestorFx is an efficient, professionally-applied process and its VOC levels are EPA compliant and it does not wash off into local water-tables or get sprayed into the air. RestorFx does not need a paint booth environment to be applied.




    Common Detailing Problems

  • Temporary Problem
    Swirl marks and fadedness can reappear as polish and waxes are washed away by rain, power-washer, or time.
  • Problem: Time Consuming
  • Traditionally detailing an entire, extensively damaged vehicle takes hours or even days. Valuable time is spent on the buffing wheel clearing up swirl marks and scratches while creating more compound dust and clean-up.
  • Problem: Costly Mistakes
    Difficult scratches are difficult to remove and cut so deep that attempting to remedy the problem runs the risk of burn-through.
  • Degenerative Problem
    A high-speed buffer actually removes layers of a vehicle’s clear coat and can increase surface flaws – eliminating the depth and luster of the existing coat.



  RestorFx Refinishing Auto System    Is a Solutions

  • Permanent Solution
    Swirl marks and other minor blemishes have been repaired and are not cosmetically covered but nonexistent. A new finish and shine has been added which cannot be washed off.
  • Solution: Efficient
    Restoring an entire vehicle just takes a few hours. Material and human resources are saved. There is no clean up time. Apply RestorFx and be done.
  • Solution: Reduced Risk
    Deep scratches are filled and repaired rather than having to grind down the surrounding clear coat. This essentially eliminates the risk of burn-through.
  • Restorative Solution
    The old finish has been thoroughly treated and repaired – restoring the splendor of the vehicle while keeping its original integrity.


We recommend to add one of our best Quality sealant after the vehicle is fully restored please call for more information about ceramic coating protection.  click here for more information.